Oncore Wealth Solutions can help diversify your portfolio into direct physical gold, silver and platinum.

What does that mean?
The unique properties of allocated physical precious metal allow you to diversify your investment portfolio. And Oncore Wealth Solutions can now assist you even more with bullion as an investment option.

An allocation to physical gold is considered to be one of the most effective means of diversifying your portfolio. Being virtually indestructible and with no liability attached to it, physical gold has preserved wealth as a safe haven asset throughout the ages.

We trade simply, securely and efficiently with MetalDesk
Oncore Wealth Solutions provides you with access to the MetalDeskā„¢ trading platform. This has been specifically designed to make your physical bullion trading simple, secure and efficient, giving you up to the second metal pricing from around the world.

The revolutionary platform is always accessible online with no downloads or installations required, giving you direct access to your bullion trading account whenever, wherever.

How secure?
Bullion Capital is an Australian company, which means there are strict regulations imposed upon them in regards to how they manage your physical metals.

You can buy and invest in physical bullion, which is then stored in world-class secure vaults across five locations in Australia, and eight locations across the globe.

This method of storage is secure and insured by Malca-Amit, Loomis and Armaguard, verified by Inspectorate, and audited by BDO.

Allocated bars and coins, as opposed to paper contracts, means the legal title remains with the client at all times, with Bullion Capital simply storing the bullion on the client’s behalf. This is considered one of the safest and most transparent ways to invest in physical bullion and is also fully compliant with the new SMSF Collectables legislation taking full effect 1 July 2016.


Contact our team to find out if bullion is a good investment option for you!

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