Australian Superannuation as a whole currently holds over $1.6 trillion, which also happens to be the fourth largest slice of retirement savings in the world. This is projected to grow to $7.6 trillion in 20 years’ time, not bad for our modest population.

The SMSF sector has become the weapon of choice amongst retirees and has become of particular interest to the baby boomers, and now Generation X, as they prepare to plan for retirement.



Why an SMSF?


You have the opportunity to take control of your future and retirement lifestyle goals, unlocking a variety of investments that you can purchase via your SMSF directly.


SMSFs allow you to see exactly how much each investment is returning, how much it costs you to service and the taxation savings you are enjoying.


Control and transparency go hand in hand to give you flexibility. Flexibility in your investments, diversification, asset classing, and allocation are all dependent on your unique investment strategy.


SMSFs on average will outperform other industry and retail funds, not only from an investment earnings performance perspective but also generally on running costs and predominantly personal satisfaction.

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